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Due to the pandemic, this activity has been developed virtually using the eTwinning platform

TOPIC: IT and social networks in students' lives, Internet safety, how to become a responsible and competent user of digital media

Internet and its dangers

Our first activity is connected with the dangers of using information technology. Although the subject is serious, students had fun creating crossword puzzles for their partners :-)

The students successfully solved the crossword puzzles prepared by their partners. The solutions were the names of various dangers connected with using the Internet. Each group did some research on the topic that had been revealed to them after solving the puzzles. Then they prepared the following presentations showing their findings.

Social media: benefits and risks

The second activity began with a questionnaire on their digital footprint which would be the basis for later discussion.

Students shared their ideas on the eTwinning Forum. they wrote about the social media they use and how they influence (both positively and negatively) in different aspects of their life

Organizing students in 8 different INTERNATIONAL GROUPS was very challenging but motivating at the same time. Each group was coordinated by a teacher

These are our VIDEOS about "Do's & Don'ts: 

Sharing knowledge 

As a last activity, we proposed students to change roles and become teachers for a day. In that way, we had the opportunity of learning about different tools and apps that our pupils use 
A live webinar event, TOMORROW! Thursday
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